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Fireworks all the way!

The story of this noble man is stunningly spectacular. Strikingly impressive. Marvelously captivating. Miraculously amazing. And beautifully inspiring!

Born in the midst of a sea of statues and idols, he grew up to shatter every ill-conceived idea his family and fellow citizens had formed about the Lord of the worlds.

He used every possible way to convince his people, starting with his father, that there can be human dignity only when you submit and surrender to the One True Lord Who is the Creator and the only Care-Taker of all. 

Adopting ‘Worship the Creator, not the creations’ as his motto and purpose of life, he had to swim against the tide to perform his role as a Prophet of Allah exhibiting such sincerity all the way that the Creator of the heavens and the earth had to honour him by taking him as His friend.

During your da’wah, when you make everyone silent with your convincing arguments about the truthfulness of Tawheed, the worshipers of falsehood go bankrupt in their thought and belief. At such a stage, arrogance raises its ugly head.

“They said, “Burn him and support your gods – if you are to act.” (Surah al Ambiya 21: 68)

The king Nimrud orders a huge pit to be dug, large amount of firewood to be collected and a mega fire to be lit so that they can rid Ibraheem alaihis salam once and for all.

The furnace became so hot and blazing with fire that none could dare take Ibraheem up to the furnace. The heat was intolerable for anyone to go near it.

At the suggestion of one man, a catapult was made, and Ibraheem alaihis salam was tied with ropes. They put him into this catapult and threw him into the fire.

When he was thrown into the fire, he uttered this powerful statement – the most powerful statement after Laa ilaaha il-lal-laah – Hasbunallaahu Wa Ni’mal Wakeel Allah is Sufficient for us, and He is the Best Disposer of affairs for us.

A friend in need is the friend in deed.

The cruel villagers didn’t realize that they are trying to burn a man whose Friend was the Creator of fire!

Actually foolish people don’t understand that the One Who gave the fire the power to burn can also take the power back, making the fire powerless!

“Allah said, “O fire, be coolness and safety upon Ibraheem.” (Surah al Ambiya 21: 69)

The people of his village couldn’t believe their eyes!

They tried to burn Ibraheem alaihis salam. And the fire lost the potency to burn!

They wanted to harm him. And the fire became a cool garden!

Their plan was to burn Ibraheem to death. But Allah burned all their efforts! Right in front of their eyes!

“And they intended for him harm, but We made them the greatest losers.” (Surah al Ambiya 21: 70)

Allamah Ibn Katheer records that the one who gave the idea of a catapult was swallowed by the earth!

Dear brothers and sisters, Just imagine how that scene would have been. Fire getting cool and taking the shape of a harmless entity.

When we happen to watch the spectacular display of fireworks during some festivities, are we not delighted by the charm of the colourful lights that get displayed for some moments in the atmosphere?

Here is the case of a live fire. In it a man of flesh and blood is thrown.

And instead of burning him, the fire delights him with coolness and the dreaded fire becomes the cause of his safety. Subhanallah!

Ibraheem Khaleelullah is the only man in human history to have experienced such a kind of live fire-work in his life!

We, the Muslim Ummah, need to draw many lessons from the life of this great Prophet of Islam.

As Allamah Iqbal, the poet of the East, said:

Aaj bhi ho jo Baraheem ka Imaan paida

Aag kar sakti hai andaaz-e-guilistan paida 

If you have Faith like that of Ibraheem

Even the fire can create a garden of roses!

While we witness the sacred month of Dhul Hijjah, and plan to give animal sacrifice on Eid al Adhaa, we all need to recall the great sacrifices of Prophet Ibraheem alaihis salam who was an institution unto himself and the best Role Model to emulate.

May Peace, Mercy and Blessings of Allah be upon Prophet Muhammad sal-lal-laahu-alaihi-wa-sallam, his family and companions.

Jazakallaahu Khayra for reading this post.

darood ibraheem

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