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Fasting, Qadaa, Fidya and Kaf’faara

An important matter regarding fasting is the issue of Qadaa, Fidya and Kaf’faara, that is making up for the missed fast/s, giving ransom or expiate. This pdf file will help you know some facts, Inshaa’Allah.  Continue reading

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To Maq’ad Sidq Through Qadama Sidq!

While discussing on AjRan Kabeera and AjRan Hasana, we learnt that the glorious Qur’an gives good news/glad tidings that a great and an excellent reward awaits those Muslims who do righteous deeds in the light of Qur’an’s guidance.

Today I would like to discuss on these two amazing phrases that are used to describe the nature of reward that awaits those who do good deeds in this world: Qadama Sidq قدم صدق  and Maq’ad Sidq مقعد صدق  Continue reading

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