An effort in f a c i l i t a t i o n

Raising Righteous Generations….!

After ayah No. 178, the loving address Yaaa Ayyuhal Lazeena Aamanu next comes in Ayah No. 183 of Surah al Baqarah.

This ayah is about the obligatory Fasting (sawm) in the month of Ramadhaan.


“O you who have believed, decreed upon you is fasting as it was decreed upon those before you that you may become righteous.” (Surah al Baqarah 2: 183)

Listen to this Beautiful Recitation, Inshaa’Allah

It is narrated on the authority of Ja’far As-Saadiq  may  Allaah  have  mercy  upon  him that he said, “The pleasure of ‘O’ in the call (i.e., being called by Allah, The Almighty) removes the trouble of worship and suffering (in the instructions that come after it).

How apt and true this quote is!

Whether it is biting cold season or intense hot season, we see Muslims around the world fast in so obedient and devoted a manner. Even kids fast so happily, and they don’t feel fatigue. Subhaanallaah!

Points to learn, remember and observe, Inshaa’Allah:

1. Fasting is compulsory act of worship in Islam. All able bodied Muslim men and women must fast in the month of Ramadhaan. The sick, and those travelling are among those who are exempted to fast but even they have to make up their missed fasts at a later period.

2. Fasting is not prescribed only for the followers of Prophet Muhammad sal-lal-laahu-alaihi-wa-sallam but it was also prescribed to all those of the earlier generations.  Read this to learn in brief

3. The purpose of fast is to facilitate Muslims to attain Taqwa, Allah-consciousness.

The purpose is to raise righteous generations of Muslims.

Read this to understand in detail as to Why Fasting is Prescribed.

I would like to quote this extremely meaningful insight into the word ‘Taqwa’:

It is reported that `Umar bin Al-Khattab (radhiyallahu anhu) asked Ubayy bin Ka’b (radhiyallahu anhu) about Taqwa.

Ubayy (R.A) asked, “Have you ever walked on a path that has thorns on it?”

‘Umar (R.A) replied, “Yes.”

Ubayy (R.A) said, “What did you do then?”

He said, “I rolled up my sleeves and struggled.”

Ubayy (R.A) said, “That is Taqwa.”

The world is full of glittering attractions and the road to righteousness is extremely rough with potholes here and there dug by Shaytaan to trap the true Believers in Islam.

We need to be extremely cautious in avoiding temptations in order to lead a life of righteousness and Allah-consciousness.

And Ramadhaan is the month of Training

Through fasting we come out from the School of Ramadhaan equipping ourselves with the necessary ingredient – Taqwa – to face the challenges of life for the next eleven months of the year.

Allahumma Ballighnaa Ramadhaan. Aameen.

Jazakallahu Khayra for reading this post. Vassalam.

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      May Allah bless you with His choicest blessings. Aameen.

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