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Manifestation of Mercy in Surah al Mulk, Part 2

1. Blessed be Allah Who has kept everything under His absolute control.  The universe is functioning perfectly and smoothly only because  it is controlled by the One and Only Almighty Lord.

The dominion belongs to Him alone! The sovereignty belongs to Him alone!  The privilege to create is His and the privilege to legislate for His creation is also exclusively His!

The problem in the world today is that man has snatched the right of Allah and taken upon himself saying  ‘Sovereignty belongs to people’!  How can we the people be sovereign? It is the folly of the hegemonic man that he considers himself to be the sovereign lord!! 

It is only the Mercy of Allah upon mankind that He has kept sovereignty unto Himself! If man tries to poke his nose, there would be nothing but confusion!

2. Blessed be Allah that He has kept for Himself the prerogative right and power to create death and life.  Just imagine what a disaster man would have brought to the world if he had been vested with the power to create life!  Allah in His infinite Mercy and wisdom did not give man the power even to create a drop of sperm let alone allowing him to create a human being!!

3. Blessed be Allah who spelled out in crystal clear terms the purpose of man’s creation. He didn’t keep people in dark as to why they are here in this world. It is torturing some times that you are invited to a meeting, for example, and you don’t know its agenda. Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta’aala in His infinite Mercy has explained to  man as to what should be his agenda and mission on earth!

4. Blessed be Allah Who created the seven heavens one above the other and placed each heaven in layers of different dimensions. He not only created the seven heavens in layers but everything with measure and perfect balance. The composition of gases in the atmosphere, for example, is one amazing creation of Ar-Rahmaan. Visit this page to learn some interconnected matters, Inshaa’Allah.

5. Blessed be Allah, the Best of creators!  No architect worth the name can claim perfection in his work. In Part 1 we discussed that Allah created the universe with His Rahmah in such meticulous design and masterly perfection that human language fails to appreciate the beauty in creation! Recall point No.1 from the previous post here.

I would like to add that a Muslim who truly reflects over the wonders of creation ends up saying:

رَبَّنَا مَا خَلَقْتَ هَـٰذَا بَاطِلًا سُبْحَانَكَ فَقِنَا عَذَابَ النَّارِ “Our Lord! You have not created this in vain. Glory to You! Save us, then, from the chastisement of the Fire”. For details, read verses 190 onwards..

6. Blessed be Allah Who has made the lowest heaven, the sky above us, a glittering delight for the beholders! Have you ever taken time from the hustle-bustle of your life to watch the night sky and do some zikr of Allah?

We spend money going to malls to see artificial galleries, right? People go out during night time to watch the skylines created by man. We enjoy watching the skyline but overlook the sky above! Remember it is skyline only because there is this sky created by the Lord of Grace. Otherwise there would only be meaningless lines!!

7. Blessed be Allah Who has prohibited the shayateen to cross over the lowest heaven. If they try to cross the lowest heaven, missiles are thrown at them. Before Prophet Muhammad (sal-lal-laahu-alaihi-wa-sallam), the evil Jinn and shayateen were able to cross the lowest heaven, listen to the conversation of the angels, come back and spread havoc in land. But with the coming of the Rahmatul-lil-‘aalameen, the Jinn could no longer gather information about the future as easily as they could before the Prophet’s mission. Because of that, they now mix their information with many lies.

Surah al Mulk unveils the curtain behind the ‘mystery’ by giving us the message that Black Magicians and Fortune Tellers are the liars of worst order! (While I recommend you to read this piece on Jinn and Fortune Telling, I request all my readers not to get distracted from the main points of this post which is the Manifestation of Mercy in Surah al Mulk)

8. Blessed be Allah Who brings to fore some scenes of Jahannum, the Hell fire as if it were to happen before our very eyes. Allah is so Merciful that He foretells these unbelievers what they will be doing in future, that is in Aakhirah. They are being told that they will regret for their blunder of not following the Divine Guidance that was given to them through the Prophets and Messengers. They will confess their sins and will feel sorry for not following Islam. So it is better that they mend their ways, change their attitude, listen to those who invite them to Islam and apply thought and intelligence before things become too late!

Verses 6 to 11 of Surah al Mulk are in fact the hujjah of Allah Who in His infinite Mercy makes things very clear to all mankind so that they do not blame Him in the Hereafter for not showing the Divine Guidance in this world.

Also, a subtle message is conveyed to Muslims, the followers of Divine Guidance, that they should call people to  Islam. We, being the messengers of the Last Messenger of Allah, cannot shirk our responsibility of performing da’wah.   The problem with today’s Muslims is two-fold: 1) They hardly care to perform dawah 2) Without conveying Islam to someone, we label him as Kafir!

When a person becomes a Kafir? Only when he denies the message, when he covers the Truth! Without presenting the Truth and without allowing a person to accept or reject the message, we jump to the conclusion and brand them as Kafirs!

Dear brothers and sisters, this post is getting longer. So other points in next post, Inshaa’Allah 🙂

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  1. Many thanks brother,
    what does in Sura “Saaffat” say, does it say the same on the Sura Mulk
    [Saffat 37:7] And to protect it from every rebellious devil.

    [Saffat 37:8] They cannot listen to the speech of those on higher elevations and they are targeted from every side.

    [Saffat 37:9] To make them flee, and for them is a never-ending punishment.

    [Saffat 37:10] Except one who sometimes steals a part, so a blazing flame goes after him.

    Pls. clarify, thanks

    Comment by Akram | March 25, 2013 | Reply

    • Assalamu Alaikum, brother.
      Yeah, you are right. The aayaat 6-10 of Surah as-Saaffaat are connected with the related point mentioned in ayah 5 of Surah al Mulk.

      Also, please refer the interconnections mentioned in aayaat 8-10 of Surah al Jinn:

      “And we have sought [to reach] the heaven but found it filled with powerful guards and burning flames.
      And we used to sit therein in positions for hearing, but whoever listens now will find a burning flame lying in wait for him.
      And we do not know [therefore] whether evil is intended for those on earth or whether their Lord intends for them a right course.” (Surah al Jinn 72: 8-10)

      The concept is clear: the evil jinn called shayaateen are prohibited in crossing the lowest heaven. And if they do try to cross, they are struck with lighting flashes.

      Hope the points are clear, Inshaa’Allah.

      Jazakallahu Khayra for taking time to get things clarified.

      Comment by MuQeet | March 25, 2013 | Reply

  2. May Allah swt give you the taufeeq to continue this blog.

    Comment by hkamran | March 31, 2013 | Reply

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