An effort in f a c i l i t a t i o n

Being a Mutawas’sim in an age of perdition!

Two days ago, while teaching Qur’anic recitation to a student, I came across this unique word in Surah al Hijr that attracted my attention. I started to find whether Allah has used this word in any other place in His Glorious Book. I found that this word is used only once in the complete Qur’an.

The Qur’an seeks to bring morals to the readers through historical narrations. 

After telling about the people of Prophet Luut (alaihis salaam), their attitude towards a particular evil and how Allah brought an end to their existence, Allah mentions that in their story, there are signs for those who discern, portents for those who could read the signs, great signs for those endowed with intelligence, messages for those who read the signs!

‘There is truly a lesson in this for those who read the signs’ (Surah al Hijr: 15: 75)

mutawas’sim comes from the root wa-sa-ma which means signs, to guage, to see signs of some trait in someone

the active participle mutawas’sim means ‘one who infers or uses clues to read the signs’. In modern parlance mutawas’sim means ‘the one who reads the writings on the wall’.

We all know very well that the people of Prophet Luut were sodomites. They were steeped in perdition and had gone to the lowest depths of immorality.

Men finding sexual gratification with men! Same-sex mating in public and putting even animals hang their head in shame!

Today the world has its own ‘modern brand’ of breed: the lesbians and gays!

In the name of freedom, homo-sexuality has raised its dirty head and the world has gone to dogs when it comes to gay marriage or the same-sex marriage!

A cursory glance at these news reports will give you an idea as to where the world has gone!

U.S. President Barack Obama supports!     Pink Pride in Paris     India ‘shining’!

US Fact Box!   Stats speak!   Google support

In surahs At-Tawbah and Al Haaq’qah, Allah uses the word الْمُؤْتَفِكَاتُ – Al Mu’tafikaat – referring to the people of Prophet Luut (alaihis salaam). This word means ‘over-turned, upside down, topsy-turvy’.

The word ‘al Mu’tafikaat’ comes from the root ifk/afk (alif-fa-kaaf) which means ‘to lie, to deceive, falsehood, to turn upside down, to change the manner of things’.

Today these people, the gays and lesbians – the modern edition of sodomites – lie and deceive themselves when they say that they get ‘satisfied’ in mating with the same sex!

How can it be when you adopt unnatural ways to satisfy your natural urge!!

As the Qur’an succinctly puts it, these people have turned the natural laws upside down!

No wonder then the Almighty Lord says in the Qur’an:

‘We have created man in the fairest of form and then reduced him to the lowest of the low! (Surah at-Teen)

Let the world draw lessons from the story of the people of Prophet Luut (alaihis salaam)

The whole city of Sodom was overthrown!

The Dead Sea in the map of the world tells us to draw lessons from their story.

O modern man! Change your approach! Read the writings on the wall. 

Be a Mutawassim! If only you have brains!

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