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Accessibility of the Mus’haf in the Mosques!

The accessibility of the Mus’haf in mosques is a matter of deep concern. The copies of the Qur’an are seen kept mostly only in the front portion of a Masjid, accessible only to those  in the front rows. People seated in the middle and last rows are not able to reach the Mushaf.

Mus’haf is literally cornered!!

The Masjid  authorities are responsible for keeping the Musallees away from Qur’an. If the copies are available on the right and left sides of the rows (saffs), then it will be a sort of motivation for people to take the Mushaf in hands and try doing some Tilawah.

Secondly, some of us are so blind to certain things that we refuse to see the reality. One elderly man told me that I should not read the Qur’an while seated behind someone’s back. He justified by saying Qur’an ko peeth ke peeche rakna mana hai (Keeping the Qur’an at the back is prohibited). I had to politely disagree with him. It was disgusting actually!

We must hold the Qur’an as our priority and must not abandon the Qur’an. This is of paramount importance!

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  1. Assalam u Alaikum,
    Respected Sir;
    You are totally correct that Qur’an should not be abandoned and what the old man told you in the mosque, is totally wrong. The masjid which is near school or where I go, there lives an old Pakistani man with his family near the masjid, he also told me the same thing. I did the same as you and refused him respectfully!

    Comment by Annas Muhammad Ishtiaq | December 29, 2012 | Reply

    • Wa alaikumus salam.
      Jazakallahu Khayra for your comment 🙂

      Comment by MuQeet | December 30, 2012 | Reply

  2. It is wrong guidence u got from him, get the correct information from AALIM .Respect of QURAN is must because it is a HOLY BOOK & THE WORDS OF ALLAH. keeping the HOLY QURAN AT THE BACK IS PROHIBITED.

    Comment by SAYED ALI | January 2, 2013 | Reply

    • If you take keeping the Mus’haf ‘At the back’ to be ‘at the back of someone’ then it is allowed.
      If you take keeping the Qur’an ‘At the back’ to mean ‘at the back of life, deserting, leaving, abandoning, keeping it far away, not living by Qur’an’s guidance, then it is prohibited.

      Comment by MuQeet | January 5, 2013 | Reply

  3. Selam,
    The Qur’an should be read and followed by everyone, how will they read it if it is in the front and no one can get to it? It is seytan’s trap to try and prevent people reading the Qur’an, he also tries to make Islam look difficult and place many obligations when they are not obligated in the Qur’an so that Muslims and potential Muslims find it hard to try and follow Islam. Allah has made Islam easy to follow, you just have to follow the Qur’an to understand this. Where in the Qur’an does it say that keeping it at the back is prohibited?

    Comment by Our Daily Living with God | January 9, 2013 | Reply

    • Wa alaikumus salam and Jazakallahu Khayra for the comment.

      Comment by MuQeet | January 11, 2013 | Reply

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