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Same day, Same hospital, Baby is Born, Father is Dead!

Imagine, you are blessed with a child and you are so happy to see the baby. Hold it on to your bosom.  Carry the baby joyfully. Give loads of kisses to the cute baby. Celebrate the moment with your spouse. And imagine its your first child ever!

Imagine, how tragic it would be if you are on the way to see the new born baby and all of a sudden accident happens and you are no more!! 

This tragedy happened recently in Ras al Khaimah in the UAE:

“An Emirati man was killed in a car crash on Sunday night — on the same day his first child was born.

“His son was born at the same hospital, earlier that day.

A close friend of the deceased said, “He was blessed with his first baby earlier that day and was planning to go and see his wife and the baby at the hospital in the morning but he did not have the chance to do so”. (Read full report here)

Reading this tragic story is very sad and painful indeed.

Inna Lil-laahi Wa Inna Ilaihi Raji’oon, Certainly we are for Allah, and We go back to Him.

May Allah forgive the sins of the deceased man and grant him highest place in Paradise. Aameen. May Allah shower His exclusive Mercy and Blessings upon the deceased’s family. Aameen.

Dear brothers and sisters. Death is certain and uncertain as well. Certain, because everyone born shall taste death. Uncertain, because we do not know the exact time of death.

“Everyone shall taste the death. Then unto Us you shall be returned”. (Surah Al Ankabuut 29: 57)

Death can strike us any time.

The point is: Am I prepared to face my Lord?

A question we need to ask ourselves!

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