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The ‘sacrifice story’ in the Qur’an

The sacrifice of an animal by Muslims around the world on the occasion of Eid al Adha has historical and spiritual relevance. It kindles in a Muslim, the spirit of sacrifice for the cause of Allah. Today it is an animal, tomorrow it could be one’s own life!

Read this inspiring story of the life of the great grand Prophet of Islam, Prophet Ibraheem عليه السلام 

“He (Ibraheem) said: “I am going to my Lord; He will guide me.

So We gave him good tidings of a forbearing boy.

And when he reached with him [the age of] exertion, he said, “O my son, indeed I have seen in a dream that I [must] sacrifice you, so see what you think.” He said, “O my father, do as you are commanded. You will find me, if Allah wills, of the steadfast.”

And when they had both submitted and he put him down upon his forehead,

We called to him, “O Ibraheem!

You have fulfilled the vision.” Indeed, We thus reward the doers of good.

Indeed, this was the clear trial.

And We ransomed him with a great sacrifice,

And We left for him [favorable mention] among later generations:

“Peace be upon Ibraheem.”

Indeed, We thus reward the doers of good.

Indeed, he was of Our believing servants.

And We gave him good tidings of Ishaaq, a Prophet from among the righteous.

And We blessed him and Ishaaq. But among their descendants is the doer of good and the clearly unjust to himself.” (Surah As-Saf’faat 37: 99-113)

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