An effort in f a c i l i t a t i o n

B.A in Islamic Studies at my hometown :)

Assalamu Alaikum.

This post will not be of use to many of you. So my apologies for that.

Going by the cliche ‘Think Local, Act Global’, I am sharing this news with a hope that this will be of some use to the brothers and sisters living in Chennai, India. 

B S Abdur Rahman University is offering a 3 year-degree programme – B.A in Islamic Studies on Part-time basis.

Course curriculum is of International Standard.

Those desirous of learning can download the application from here.

The University is one of the top ranking academic institutions of India, and is much acclaimed among the masses, both Muslims and non-Muslims.

It is a good chance to learn and get an approved degree in Islamic Studies, alhamdulillah.

Medium of Instruction is English and the last date for the submission of applications is extended upto 20th July 2012.

The course is conveniently designed in the evening time so that learners from all sections of society – day college students, working men and women, business community, homemakers, all boys and girls – can enjoy the benefit.

Please circulate this news among your forums/group mails etc. Inshaa’Allah.

Scroll down to read the poster and the Curriculum.

Jazakumullah Khayra.

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