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Fearing the Merciful (Part 2)

This post is the continuation of the article entitled: Fearing the Merciful. If you have not read the first part, I suggest you to read it here and then come back to continue, Insha’Allah.

Ok, sisters and brothers, we were talking about ‘Khashiyar Rahmaana bil-Ghayb’ which means:

To Fear the Most Merciful unseen

To Fear the Most Merciful in secret

To Fear the Most Merciful without seeing Him.

The sum and substance of all Islamic teachings, in my view, is the concept of fearing the Merciful who is unseen.

The trait of fearing the Merciful who is unseen is a quality – the great quality – that does great wonders. If it is rightly developed in a person, it takes that person to the pinnacle of righteousness. It inculcates in man the most significant characteristic of voluntarily staying away from crime, motivating him to restrict himself from doing sin and evil even when there is no police around.

And when Satan drifts one away, this feeling of ‘Fearing the Merciful without even seeing Him’ motivates one to voluntarily surrender and accept the punishment!

The under mentioned hadeeth narrates the story of a Muslim woman who, after committing a heinous sin, came to Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him), revealed her sin and told him to execute the punishment on her. This despite of the fact that she KNEW very well that the punishment was no ordinary one!

I really pray to Allah to give me and all Muslim men and women the likeness of the repentance of this bold Muslim lady. Aameen.

Imran b. Husain reported that a woman from Juhaina came to Allah’s Messenger (may peace be upon him) and she had become pregnant because of adultery. She said: Allah’s Messenger, I have done something for which (prescribed punishment) must be imposed upon me, so impose that. Allah’s Messenger (may peace be upon him) called her master and said: Treat her well, and when she delivers, bring her to me. He did accordingly. Then Allah’s Messenger (may peace be upon him) pronounced judgment about her and her clothes were tied around her and then he commanded and she was stoned to death. He then prayed over her (dead body). Thereupon Umar said to him: Allah’s Messenger, you offer prayer for her, whereas she had committed adultery! Thereupon he said: She has made such repentance that if it were to be divided among seventy men of Madinah, it would be enough. Have you found any repentance better than this that she sacrificed her life for Allah, the Majestic? (4207, Sahih Muslim)

Who found the crime of this lady? No one!

Which CIA, KGB, CBI, FBI was around? None!

On the contrary, we see law makers breaking law! We see people sitting in the Security Council and yet committing crimes against humanity! Day in and day out we read news of police indulging in atrocities. Has the world not witnessed crimes committed by the so called ‘International Peace Keeping Force’?

Islam is a natural way of life. It gives the simplest solution to the greatest of man’s problems: Fear the Merciful who is unseen! This natural feeling must be nurtured in man. Only then the individual will be in peace, the world will be in peace. Lasting peace!

Jazakumullah Khayr. If you have something to share, I welcome comments. Through discussion, we learn better.

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