An effort in f a c i l i t a t i o n

What Al Qur’an is Not!

By Muqeet Mujtaba Ali

  • Not a book written by any human being but the Book authored to precision by mankind’s very Creator.

  • Not a book only to be read in Ramadhan but the  beacon light & companion from cradle to grave.

  • Not a book to be kept in law courts for resorting to oath taking, but The Global Constitution, the code of conduct from the Maker to the made.

  • Not a book of history but The Divine Verdict on history.

  • Not a book to be read out in front of a departing soul or for seeking forgiveness of the dead but The Book of Living for the alive.

  • Not a book suppressing women’s rights but the world’s first Book that honoured woman of her very womanhood, the Book that is the embodiment of human rights; the one and only Scripture – and this is no exaggeration – that ensures the totality of women’s rights, the glittering teachings of which put to shame even the modern so-called champions of human rights!

  • Not a book containing cold ideas but the Book that illuminates the heart, fascinates the mind, enlightens the soul, broadens the vision, revolutionizes one’s thinking and that which changes man from within.

  • Not a book of mythology, cock & bull stories or superstitious beliefs, but the heavenly missile that smashes everything that is false; the criterion of Truth and falsehood.

  • Not a book of science but the amazing Book of Signs motivating & compelling the very scientists to salute it even as it convinces them of its divine origin.

  • Not a book leading to mirages, nor a book of philosophical arguments but the Plain Book of understandable & practical guidance transforming civilizations, leading its practitioners to a higher standard of living.

  • Not a book that invites its readers to the narrowness of a mosque but the book inspiring them to the vastness of the globe, spreading the wings of its universal message to a spiritually-challenged humanity.

  • Not a book of warfare but the Book of Welfare, bringing peace of mind and heart to all men and women longing for lasting peace; the book that is every man’s Security Council.

  • Not a book advocating racial, sectarian and parochial values but the treasure trove of humane & human, global & cosmic values.

  • Not a book that is easily welcomed by the mighty and the haughty but the Book that makes the very falsehood shiver in its shoes; the book sending shock waves to the oppressor’s heart.

  • Neither a book to be read like a mantra nor a book enforcing upon the readers to blindly accept its teachings but the eye-opening Book that superbly motivates man to ponder and reflect over its life-giving message.

  • Not a book with different or conflicting versions but the one and only Divine Book on the face of the earth that is preserved in pristine purity since more than fourteen hundred years.

  • Not a book that can be claimed as a property even by Muslims but the Book of Mercy for the Believers and the universal Guidance for entire mankind.

  • Not a book whose Arabic verses are meant to decorate as wallpapers or to be written & hung around one’s neck, but the book, nay, the healing, for the diseases of mind, heart and soul.

  • Not a book that could ever be compared with other books but the Book the like of which never to be produced by any genius; the book that is unique – in purpose, unique in content, unique in style, unique in itself.

  • Not just a book containing some pages but the great indicative sign immaculately & impeccably, effectively & emphatically  establishing the existence of One Supreme Almighty Allah and that it is the eminent living miracle of an unlettered Prophet, Muhammad, may peace & blessings of Allah be upon him.

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