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This Quiz is done in an innovative way :) Are you ready for the challenge?  Continue reading

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Qur’an Quiz 2

Question 1:  There is one âyah (verse) in the Qur’ân in which Allâh says that He Himself does something and then He also orders the believers to do the same. What is that âyah?

Question 2: There is a sûrah in the Qur’ân in which the word “Allâh” is mentioned at least once in every single âyah (verse), and in oneâyah this word is found 5 times! Which sûrah is it?

Question 3: Where is the âyah (verse) in the Qur’ân that establishes the fard (compulsory) acts of wudû’?

Question 4: Which is that sûrah the like of which was never given to any prophet before Rasûlullâh and the like of which was never revealed in the TorahInjîlZabûr, or Qur’ân? Continue reading

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Qur’an Quiz

Questions: (1) Which is “the greatest âyah of the Qur’ân”? (2) Which sûrah will protect one from the Dajjâl? (3) Which sûrah is equivalent to one-third of the Qur’ân? (4) What is “the heart of the Qur’ân”?

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